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Foggo Wines McLaren Vale
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Enjoy Foggo Wines   Australia's Best Boutique Winery 2004 - 2005

Foggo Wines is a small family-owned winery and cellar door making extremely fine wine from some of McLaren Vale's oldest vines.

Despite the relatively new name, Foggo Wines has a long and interesting past. The main vineyard was originally planted by prominent regional growers, the Foggo family, in 1915. The winemaking brand was established in 1987 as Curtis Wines, but renamed Foggo Wines by its new owners Herb and Sandie Van De Wiel.

Foogo Wines offers a large selction of premium wines

The husband-and-wife team are second-generation viticulturists from McLaren Vale. For more than two decades they had supplied high profile labels such as Noon, Rosemount and Kangarilla. The Van De Wiels know a thing or two about prime turf. So when they'd set their sights on the striking old, gnarled vines at Foggos Road, they decided to buy up and give winemaking a go.

Herb and Sandie were determined to make serious wine, the type that wins medals in competitions and garners praise in the wine press. They followed through with their first 2001 vintage. The Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Bush Vine Grenache all drew silver and bronze medals at local and wines made for 90 year old vinesnational wine shows, and scored high ratings in Australian Winestate magazine.  In 2004 Foggo Wines gained Gold Medals with Australias Best Boutique Wine Cabernet 2002 and Gold for the Old Bush Vine Grenache 2002

The Van De Wiels believe their hands-on role from grape-growing to winemaking gives Foggo Wines a quality assurance tick: "By managing the entire process we are able to maintain the integrity of the brand," says Herb.

He also believes his vineyards speak for themselves: "Our wines show superiority of vineyard site." They emerge from their own estate vineyards in McLaren Vale from some of the region's oldest plantings. The Old Vine Shiraz is sourced exclusively from vines more than 85 years old. The Grenache is also sourced from 85 year old dry grown bush vines. The Cinsaut Rose is also sourced from 45 year old dry grown vines and is used exclusively for this product. The cabernet is sourced from 50 yr old vines.

Beau helps load the truck

Aerial View of Foggo Wines

Foggo Wines
Lot 4 Foggos Rd,
McLaren Vale, South Australia 5171

Making Super Premium Wines from some of McLaren Vales’ oldest Vines

Producer’s Licence No. 50802583

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